Automated Spa Services

Regular Package - $29.95

One 30 minute circuit with 15 minutes in station of choice...

Station 1 - The Himalayan Salt Hydrotherapy Room contains two hydrotherapy beds that use warm water jets to massage the body from head to toe while you are surrounded by the relaxing glow of Himalayan salt lamps.  Guided meditation and/or nature sounds are available, with a number of programs to help reduce stress, and relax body and mind.

Station 2 - The Massage Cabana features 4 sophisticated massage chairs that offer over 16 types of full-body massage. The chairs complete a body analysis to locate shiatsu points in order to create a massage specific to each individual.  This station also includes sleep goggles, aromatherapy, and the choice of six types of nature sound therapy.

 Station 3 - The Vobroacoustic Room contains the option of the "zero-gravity chair with vibroacoustic therapy or the option of receiving a leg massage while receiving the vibroacoustic therapy.  The chair puts user in a state of weightlessness and provides the best ergonomic position to take stress off back and joints, allowing the spine to decompress. This neutral, virtually stress-free position also allows for deep breathing and increased blood circulation. The vibroacoustic therapy emits pulses designed to stimulate the body and trigger the brain to emit desired frequencies. There are four settings to choose from (relax, energize, stress relief and sleep).

Station 4 - And our newest station is our oxygen bar which allows customers to experience essential oil infused oxygen therapy. Not only are you receiving the benefits of oxygen therapy (increasing energy, reduced stress, and better sleep), but you are also receiving the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils.

At each station, individuals are provided with a blanket and sleeping mask which increases relaxation and limits distractions. An employee will ensure that you are comfortable throughout your stay and assist you between stations.


Premium Package - $49.95

60 minute circuit with 30 minutes in station of choice

  • 10% off in-store product

Express Massage - $9.95

10 minutes in a station of your choice


Monthly Memberships Are Now Available!

One (1) Month: $69.95/ month

Three (3) Months: $59.95/ month

(Totaling $179.85 +tax)

Six (6) Months: $49.95/ month

(Totaling $299.70 +tax)

You can now sign up for automatic withdrawals in order to get the reduced rate!

Members are able to use the services of the spa for 30 minutes every day!

Valhalla Wellness Services


Registered Massage Therapy $20 15m

Registered Massage Therapy $50 30m

Registered Massage Therapy $60 45m

Registered Massage Therapy $75 1h

Registered Massage Therapy $90 1h 15m

Registered Massage Therapy $110 1h 30m

Access Bars with Reiki $90 1h

Aroma Touch Massage $60 1h

Craniosacral Therapy $90 1h

Divorce Recovery Consulting - Initial Consultation free 30m

Flower/Tree Essence Consultation $50 1h

Hand Reflexology $60 1h

Healing Touch Therapy $65 1h

Hot Stone Massage (RMT) $90 1h

Hot Stone Massage (RMT) $120 1h 30m

Indian Head Massage $45 40m

Integrated Energy Therapy® $75 1h 15m

Intuitive Healing/Readings (including astrology and numerology) $65 1h

Lomi Lomi Massage (RMT) $90 1h

Lymph Drainage Reflexology $60 1h

Intuitive Readings- by Julie $50 30m

Intuitive Readings- by Julie $20 15m

Intuitive Readings- by Julie $80 1h

Raindrop Technique $125 1h

Reflexology $60 1h

Reiki Hot Stone Massage $90 1h 30m

Reiki performed by a Level 2 Practitioner $30 30m

Reiki performed by a Level 2 Practitioner $15 15m

Reiki performed by a Level 2 Practitioner $60 1h

Reiki performed by a Reiki Master $75 1h

Thai Foot Massage $70 1h 30m

Wellness Consulting $60 30m

Wellness Consulting $120 1h

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